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  Checking out cool tools
The annual Cummings tool sale pulled in to town yesterday, so Max and I headed down there to check it out. The town gets plastered with a flyer the week before, and then they drive in with two to four semi-trucks loaded with inventory. You shuffle up and down the rows with a little clipboard and a pen, writing down the numbers for items you're interested in, and then after paying for everything they pull your order from the trucks and you get to take your loot home that day.

Now that they're on the web, you can browse their inventory there, but there's something cool about having their entire inventory laid out in front of you where you can check it out. This picture of wrenches just doesn't convey the massiveness of a TWO FOOT adjustable wrench.

Max spent equal time playing with a trike and a pair of welding goggles which he wore and pretended to weld (like his papa does). This is how we ended up spending two hours at the show.


I probably bought more stuff than I need (like a 10 pack of grinding wheels for my 4 1/2 angle grinder which I've never ever used), but thanks to a little strategy meeting with my metal shop teacher, I avoided buying some things that would have been crap. So, just out of curiosity I browsed around last night looking for random items like tap & die sets. In the process, I ended up finding H & H industrial products which offers "quality industrial supplies" if your definition of quality is "imported from taiwan". What's impressive is that for the tools that overlap with cummins, their prices are actually better. They also have a bunch of higher end milling machine accessories that alternately had me drooling or scratching my head.

If anyone knows what a Radius and Angle Dresser is actually used for, let me know, I have no idea.

Ive been a machinist for a while and i have seen nothing like that. By the looks of it it must be something that goes on a surface grinder to hold a part for grinding. It cant be for milling because there are no places for bolts to bolt it to the table. I assume the bottom is precision ground for holding it on the magnetic chuck of a surface grinder.
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