Technical Difficulties from on Top of the Mountain
  A cautionary tale
My laptop got hacked last week, which is quite a milestone. I don't run any firewalls or virus software on my computers. At least I haven't in the past. Up until now, I was pretty safe just running non-microsoft tools. Sure IE is hacked every other day, but you'd have to get pretty obscure to be targetting Netscape. Well, I guess not any longer.

Being the geek that I am, I spotted some errant processes in my process table. (Yes, I pretty much have an idea of what processes are supposed to be there.) I immediately found a directory with curious CCC.exe in it, and wiped all that out, but figured that was not the end of it. I caught a few more files, and sort of limped along for a week.

Then this weekend, I spotted some more suspects and did another round of hunting. This involved pulling out several DLLs from windows/system32 and when one got especially tough to gouge out, I started blasting away at the registry.

Bad move.

Now my computer powers up, examines it navel for quite some time, then spouts off about lsass - service not found. It gives me an OK button to push, which is not ok, but I don't have anything else to do, so I push it, and of course it reboots. After five or six rounds of this, I realize that its not going to do anything different no matter how many times I tell it that its ok so I just power down and pull the hard drive out to get at the important stuff, like Chuck - epsiode 3.

Actually, everything of real value lives on the SVN server, or in Google Docs, so I'm not really all that excited about this setback, just a little annoyed. This week is going to be filled with hours of joy as I hunt down my recovery CD, and the install disks for all those ancient artifacts called Applications.

Ok, from now on I only browse the internet from linux. Or my Nokia N770, which I can't find. Ok, my used Nokia N800 that I won on ebay, which isn't here yet, but should be arriving any day now and it better work this time.

  Go Visa
Trip to Arkansas $600
Admission to the Daisy BB Gun museum $2
Package of 5,000 BBs $9

Look on their mom's face when she sees what the three boys have done with the package of BBs ...

Hey, we got 4910 of them up pretty darn quick with that magnet.

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