Technical Difficulties from on Top of the Mountain
  SprintPCS startup service is messed up.
I missed going to the store (obviously), and this thing is still not working. Ok, I'm going to call Sprint. But I can't find their number on their web page. I try the "contact us" link on the front page (seemed obvious); but all that does is take me to the "shopping" tab where I can look up coverage or browse features.

Sorry, I need a human. Its not working like it's supposed to, and if nothing else I need someone I can vent at.

Try the "personal" link, since this wasn't a business phone. (I tried using my business FedID instead of my SS#, since that's an enormous risk to give out; but I only qualified for one phone with a $250 deposit. With my SS# I can have five phones with no deposit. So much for modern technology.)

Opening line on the "personal service page": Now that's unbelievable!

I agree!

No contact number or even a likely link that would lead me there. Truely unbelievable.

Click "welcome" on the left. Its that offly helpful Sprint guy again. I wish he'd come to my house and fix my cellular miscommunications. Heck, I'd be happy with any communications. I just want my brand new toy that I spent way too much money (that I can't really afford) on, to do something.

Sure, its easy if you're Brian Baker.

Click "help". I don't really need help, I know what I'm doing. Its Sprint that needs help, they're the ones that messed up! But ok, I'll hit it anyway. AHA!. A phone number. (And not the one that was on the previous shopping page for making purchases.)

Call them. Not too long on hold, connects me through to india pretty quick. "Hello, I spent a bunch of money, signed up for two years of service, and Sprint hasn't delivered on its promise to have me up and going in a reasonable amount of time. Its been over eight hours (not three), and my phone still won't connect."

"I'm sorry," the support droid says back to me with very good english diction and only a slight indian accent, "the computers are down for maintenance and won't be back up again till 5AM tomorrow morning. We can't really look into anything or help you in any way until then."

The silence is broken only by a the sound of a pin dropping.

This is a telephone carrier (ok, cell phone, but still), and their ability to respond to any type of technical problem is offline for the next six hours? That's insane. And this started before 11pm (Mountain time) which would be 10pm (Pacific time). Nobody in California needs technical help after 10pm on a friday night?

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