Technical Difficulties from on Top of the Mountain
  There goes a motorcycle.
One of Max's favorite movies is Dave Hood's there goes a truck (and a plane, and a bulldozer, and a spaceship, and a race car, etc etc.) There's like twenty different subjects. We started out getting them from the library, but they were so popular that several DVDs are part of our regular collection.

One of the movies is There Goes a Motorcycle, and the first thing that motorcycle rider Dave (and his trusty pall Becky) do, is go to a motorcycle store where they have lots and lots of motorcycles, to pick out riding outfits and a bike.

So when we went out wandering to the east side of town by the mall, I was looking around and I saw some motorcycles outside of the old ToysRUs building. Not having anything better to do, I stopped and told Max, "Hey, there's some motorcycles, lets go check them out." Boy did he have fun.

First we had to look at every motorcycle out front. Then we had to go around to the side and check out the trailers. Then we went inside and he was jumping up and down--he was so excited. We checked out the motocross bikes (they even had little ones his size). Then we saw some racing bikes. Then we saw quads, and light utility quad/trucks. Then we saw some snowmobiles, then more motorcycles, then jet skis. He was all over that store, from top to bottom, and then back to top.

For an adult, you can see over the motorcycles, so you can sort of take it all in pretty quick. But for a three year old, the motorcycles are taller than you are, and so its like running around through a forest of the coolest machines on earth. There's no end to it. We peeked in the saddle bags on the touring bikes, we tried on helmets, we looked in the back where they have the extra parts and fix motorcycles, we climbed on the quads and found the small ones that are just the right size (for ages six and up, so I have a little time). We checked out everything.

Finally, an hour and a half later, they were getting ready to close, so we had to say goodnight to the motorcycles. We walked out side, and then watched them move all the motocross bikes in for the night. And then it was finally time to go home for dinner.


Dave Hood Entertainment, creator of the real wheels series.

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