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  Great holiday moments
Max is now four, so this year we decided he could go trick-r-treating. Since we live in the middle of nowhere, we took up our friend's offer to go along with them in their neighborhood.

Winter arrived early this year, so there was snow everywhere. So Max and his friend Aaron were dressed rather warm. His father also dug out the wagon for them to ride around in, so that they didn't have to walk from house to house. This turned out to be a great idea for two four year olds, and it also allowed us adults to pick each stop (since we were driving).

After a couple stops, Max started getting the hang of it (thought I had to remind him on a regular basis to say thank you after getting the candy). He and Aaron were having a great time. And since Aaron's family was a familiar to the neighbors, they were getting lots of candy.

Max was dressed as a lady bug, wearing his lady bug jacket which he has lived in almost non-stop since he got it this summer when we started collect lady bugs from the yard and keeping them in his room. He has tons of ladybug stuff. But we didn't mention that while trick-r-treating. Everyone thought he and Aaron had great outfits, and you could see how much fun it was for them to give some candy to these two little guys, as apposed to the jr. high kids running from house to house trying to collect as much candy as they could before it got to cold to be out.

After about an hour we packed it in and headed home. Max could barely carry his sack at that point. He ended up with more than four pounds of candy, which represents more than 10% of his total body weight. Translating into adult sizes, that would be like a bag um, well it would be huge. Mom let him pick out a few pieces to eat before bed, then we put the rest away for later. Its going to take him weeks to eat it all, even with my help.

I seem to recall telling someone last year winter arrives at weird times in Northern AZ ;-)
Its not unusual to have snow the last week of Oct here, but its 50:50 whether it lasts more than a day or so. A week later it rained (and made lots of mud). Its just drying out now.
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