Technical Difficulties from on Top of the Mountain
  Those ingrates
Last week was the final week of classes officially, but this year Halloween was on the same day as class, so instead of telling my three little kids that daddy couldn't take them, I cancelled class. I even put up a sign on the door in case anybody forgot.
No class
MIT 298a
Halloween Night

I'm going
see you
next week

I've learned to be very specific with posters after a bad experience in college:
How to succeed
in business
really trying

Baxter basement
This saturday
2pm to 6pm.

I made up this poster and put up about 100 of them around campus the week before auditions. Unfortunately I didn't keep track of where I put all the posters, so I kept running into these things weeks later around campus. I wonder how many people showed up a week later hoping to audition. I hope not many.

Anyways, since I had skipped out on teaching class, I figured I owed them a makeup class, so since nobody could agree on a different day during the regular semester, I decided to have a makeup class Monday. I told everyone for two weeks and even called those who I had a cell phone number for. Didn't expect a lot of people to make it since it is holiday break now, and some of them are just going to take the open project class next semester anyways, but I thought at least somebody would show.

Nope. Got a big zip. Sigh. I hung around for a while just in case, and I had to pump up the tire on my car anyways (which was pretty much flat from a slow leak). This would have been easy to do with the shop air except that the compressor is actually located over in the autoshop and they turn it off nights and weekends because the lines have so many leaks in them which would run the compressor all the time.

Luckily I had brought my air compressor in case we needed to run the plasma table, to I lugged it out of the back of my car and plugged it into the plug besides the wall. Unfortunate the circuit running by the door seems to be suffering from a bad connection somewhere or is wired with under gauge wire (not likely given that it has 20amp plugs on the end), and the compressor couldn't draw enough power to start-up. The next easiest thing to do would have been to open the shop door and drive the car in to where there was a working plug, but unfortunately Adam had decided to make the shop his personal parking spot for his jeep over the holiday. So I ended up lugging the compressor into the shop, running it to a full charge, then dragging it back enough towards the door that I could reach the tire with the air-hose. A couple of back and forths and I was good to go.

Since there still weren't any students at that point, I locked up and took off. On the way home I made two mental notes:1) get my tire fixed, and 2) no more makeup classes after the semester is over.

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