Technical Difficulties from on Top of the Mountain
  The grandslam of package delivery
We're a little bit out of town--enough so that I feel a little bad dragging the delivery trucks all the way out to our house to deliver something, especially when its a single box, or small order. Its even worse when we get multiple trucks coming out on the same day. Just seems like there ought to be a better way.

Today we hit the grand slam of overlapping delivery waste.

It started with DHL which drove out a regular van to bring me 70 pounds of welding cable. That was probably the biggest package they had in the truck, as there seemed to be only a handful of other items rattling around a mostly empty cargo area. Very quick delivery I have to admit as it shipped out of Florida three days previous.

UPS Next up was power converter from Flint, Michigan via UPS. This took a more typical week to get here. Its an odd week around here these days where UPS isn't out to our house at least twice in a week, and I'm sure there's been weeks when they've been out almost every day.

FEDEX Ground Next, Fedex Ground was out with an especially embarrassing delivery. One Switch. Even the box was impressive, it was probably smaller than a deck of cards. Still, I was glad to get it, as this switch fixes the Miller XMT 300 which wouldn't run off the front current dial control, as the control voltage was getting stopped by a bad switch.

USPS Finally, not to leave my wife out entirely, she received a package from her mom through the Post Office. Of course the post office won't deliver packages to our house. Since our mailbox is down the road a bit, instead they leave us a little note telling us how fortunate we are that we get to waste gas driving into town, fighting our fellow citizens over a space since the city refuses to come up with adequate parking, and then hang out in line for twenty or thirty minutes (if we manage to avoid a busy time) to get a box.

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