Technical Difficulties from on Top of the Mountain
  A tale of two Dews
From season to season, it falls to my shoulders to do the grocery shopping. This usually happens during my prime thinking time: in the middle of the night. Sometimes I have a "I'm not tired" kidling with me (who is asleep by the end of our adventure), other times its just me wandering up and down the isles wondering what they were thinking when they invented strawberry and bananas shredded wheat.

One of my faults (or blessings depending on if my wife likes the selections), is that I buy things that are on sale. We currently have about 40 boxes of fruit chews in the pantry, because they were onsale, and then they were onsale more. "But they were only a $1 a box!" One area that I have a little more leaway is in my personal snacks, like my drinks.

It looked intriguing, it looked caffinated, and nobody else had been buying it, so it was cheap. In this case I have to side with the other people who weren't buying it. I can only describe it as if they took all the reject grape/cherry flavored kids cough medicine from the '80s and mixed it with Mountain Dew. Eyach. I guess somebody was buying though, cause they even came out with a sequell. Luckily these were both limited time disasters.

Cracked this case shortly after with some treppidation. Turns out this was much more on track with my tastes. I've been drinking a lot of Orange soda lately, but the hard part is in finding a mix that's properly caffinated. Sunkist has got it right, but all the other orange drinks seem to be pandering to the 8-14 year old market where it still has to pass the Mom test (well, any type of soda wouldn't have passed my mom's test, so maybe it only has to pass the mom lite test). Live wire is sort of hyped up orange soda with just a tint radiator fluid. Kind of like orange drink that's 30 years old, so the dyes have broken down and are off color, but carbonation never dies, so you drink it anyways.

So I'm liking it, but unfortunately I only have the one case of it. Not like this guy—he aparently bought every box in the store.

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